Snatam Kaur Resonates Peace

Mantra of the Month: 

Inhale: I AM

Exhale: PEACE

SHANTI  शन्त

    With the sounds of the angel Snatam Kaur still fresh in my mind from last night’s concert and the main theme of the evening being Peace, I find it most appropriate today, for our mantra to be, “I am peace.”  I am peace in my thoughts, I am peace in my words, I am peace in my actions. It’s a beautiful day outside today in NYC.  I’m  heading over to the water to do this before going to work.  And remember, when someone takes the cab you’ve  been waiting for in the rain, take a deep breath, and repeat I AM Peace.


The best part about  meditation is that we can do it anywhere.   Whether in the serenity of  our homes, on the train, bus, cab, yoga mat, in the shower, and in the rain! However, while operating heavy machinery, meditation is strongly ill-advised. It’s said we breathe 20,000 times a day — SO many opportunities to send out love, peace, and inspiration.

Just close your eyes and focus on the space between your eye brows, your third-eye and the window to your imagination and INHALE I Am, EXHALE Peace. Rinse, Breathe, Repeat (no matter where you may be).

Laughing is Contagious, it Starts with You.

With Prem, Parvati


                               For the song that inspired this blog by Snatam Kaur, go here:

Long Time Sun by Snatam Kaur

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