I’m Sorry

Mantra of the Month

Inhale:  I AM


Amazing day yesterday. a few of you emailed or called to discuss our concept of surrender and how in one day things changed.  Am still in shock at how powerful this work is.  Please continue to keep in touch with me.  I love the feedback….


Last nite before sleep I began setting intention of what today’s mantra will be. What’s the next seamless transition to surrender? What does “letting go” look like?

My muse of the day is Louise Hay.  She says that the very person you find it hardest to forgive is the ONE YOU NEED TO LET GO OF THE MOST.

Forgiveness means giving up, letting go.  This person may be you.

Lets not punish ourselves in the present moment because someone hurt us in the long ago past or even yesterday!

How Silly.  They were doing the best they could at that time.

So today class, remember,  average 20,000 breaths a day.

Lets begin.


Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


There are going to be plenty of opportunities today to do this- phone calls, Starbucks, road rage, child tantrum, adult tantrum.  Just so you don’t feel alone in it all.  Know that I am doing this with you today as everyday

Please feel free to forward this onto those you love and more importantly, those you need to love more.


The best part about  meditation is that we can do it anywhere.   Whether in the serenity of  our homes, on the train, bus, cab, yoga mat, in the shower, and in the rain! However, while operating heavy machinery, meditation is strongly ill-advised. It’s said we breathe 20,000 times a day — SO many opportunities to send out love, peace, and inspiration.

Just close your eyes and focus on the space between your eye brows, your third-eye and the window to your imagination and INHALE I Am, EXHALE Forgiveness. Rinse, Breathe, Repeat (no matter where you may be).

Laughing is Contagious, it Starts with You.
With Prem, Parvati


For the song that inspired this blog, go here:  

Sorry by Madonna

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