I Wish Life Came With Buttons

Mantra of the Month



Play: nice
Rewind:  the good memories
Fast Forward: to the best thats yet to come
Stop: judging others
Pause: for the answers
Record: the love

Plato said Life must be lived as a play.   So lets stop taking ourselves so seriously, no one else is.

Lets Begin:

Inhale: I AM
Exhale: Play(ful)

Now smile like you mean it.


The best part about  meditation is that we can do it anywhere.   Whether in the serenity of  our homes, on the train, bus, cab, yoga mat, in the shower, and in the rain! However, while operating heavy machinery, meditation is strongly ill-advised. It’s said we breathe 20,000 times a day — SO many opportunities to send out love, peace, and inspiration.

Just close your eyes and focus on the space between your eye brows, your third-eye and the window to your imagination and INHALE I Am, EXHALE Playful. Rinse, Breathe, Repeat (no matter where you may be).

Laughing is Contagious, it Starts with You.
With Prem, Parvati


To hear a song that helped inspire this blog, go here:

Play by J. Lo

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