I AM Fearless

Mantra of the Moment

Inhale: I AM



“Fear Has its use but cowardice has none.” Mohandas Gandhi

A friend sent me a video a couple of weeks ago called The Quickening where it depicts how we as a species are gonna wake the f@*k up by October 28th.   What will start this epiphany will either be a man-made event like another 9/11 or a natural disaster like a tsunami.  This coupled with certain planets coming into close proximity to Earth will cause a purification thus creating a shift of our consciousness to higher levels.  After these events, the film states, we will be able to see multi-dimensionally like being on one long mushroom trip.  This shift will wake us up so that we see the Oneness of everything and shed the illusion of separateness.

So why does this post fall under fearless?  After watching the film I went into a state of panic for the next 48 hours.  I woke up to hearing and feeling a pop in my neck which allowed me to walk around with the oh so chic look of that girl with a neck injury.  I know this was caused by stress – which is fear’s rebel child.  I felt fear that I wouldn’t be able to reach my parents in time if something happened in Manhattan, fear of losing all the things I had worked so hard to build, fear I would lose my computer, our inventory of malas and apparel we worked so hard to create, my library, my art.  My, My, My.

How will I start over, again? What if money couldn’t be used as currency anymore?  What assets do I have in lieu of money to use as currency?  Would any of it mean anything?

As I cried to my friend the next day telling him I wish he had never sent me that video, he replied, “But isnt it an exciting time to be a part of this?!  How many lifetimes we’d have to go through to be able to witness such divinity as human beings collectively waking up?”   I agreed with my heart, but my mind was driving the car.  We talked about what scared me most – not being able to communicate with  loved ones and losing my possessions.  We agreed that having my family watch the video so we can have a simple game plan just in case is a good idea.  This created immediate relief.  As far as ‘my things’ were concerned it really came down to my attachments to these things. Did I really need them?

Over the next few days, I slowly felt better. I came up a game plan, if something went down, I would meet my sister and her husband on our bicycles on the West Side Highway.  Am in the process of pimping my ride to make sure I can bring what’s needed with me off this island of NY (assuming the bridges are still usable, am now considering an inflatable raft to go over the Hudson as Plan B).  I say some of this in jest, but starting to play with and have fun when talking about what could potentially be a serious matter, felt good and took off a lot of undue pressure I was putting on myself.

Since then, we felt an earthquake and now are going thru a hurricane all within 5 days.  Ironically, I feel a sense of freedom.  As I watched buildings get evacuated and people stock piling up on water, I felt a sense of peace come over me.  Fearlessness really.  Like no matter what, everything is going according to a divine plan which I have absolutely no control over.  As I write this post, its 1pm and the city has been shut down, no one in or out. I am ecstatic – happily writing, creating and connecting with loved ones till the lights go out, if they ever do.


The best part about  meditation is that we can do it anywhere.   Whether in the serenity of  our homes, on the train, bus, cab, yoga mat, in the shower, and in the rain! However, while operating heavy machinery, meditation is strongly ill-advised. It’s said we breathe 20,000 times a day — SO many opportunities to send out love, peace, and inspiration.

Just close your eyes and focus on the space between your eye brows, your third-eye and the window to your imagination and INHALE I Am, EXHALE Fearless. Rinse, Breathe, Repeat (no matter where you may be).

Laughing is Contagious, it Starts with You.
With Prem, Parvati


To hear a song that inspired this blog, go here:

Fear by Sara McLaughlin

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