Mantra of the Moment

Inhale: I AM

Exhale: MUSE

I have always thought of muse defined as a noun such as the goddess regarded as inspiring a poet, artist, and thinker.  I was surprised to learn that it’s also defined as a verb meaning to meditate or contemplate on – how cool.

This picture was taken (on the sly) from the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The exhibit was nothing short of genius.  I was in complete awe by how vast his spectrum of vision spread between the light and the dark side.  How he fused innocence with sheer naughtiness left me both giggling and amazed.

One couldn’t help but wonder who and what was his muse?  There was probably multiple sources that he drew inspiration from as well as many chambers in his heart and soul that he went venturing into for his creations.

How do we catch our own muse and hold onto Her?
Here are a couple of steps that I’ve been using and love:

First – I recognize what inspires, moves, and stimulates me.  This can be a song, an author, an exhibit, a like-minded friend, or a conversation with a stranger.

Second – I then continue to seek out those types of sources and learn from them (you may be surprised to learn that you’re their muse too!)

Third – (and most importantly) I tap into my inner muse by sitting silently every morning for 20 minutes and observe the beautiful creative thoughts that pass through my minds eye.  I keep a small notepad with a pen so I can jot them down so I don’t forget what my muse is telling me.

_ _ _

                The best part about  meditation is that we can do it anywhere.  Whether in          the serenity of  our homes, on the train, bus, cab, yoga mat, in the shower, and in the rain! However, while operating heavy machinery, meditation is strongly ill-advised. It’s said we breathe 20,000 times a day — SO many opportunities to send out love, peace, and inspiration.

Just close your eyes and focus on the space between your eye brows, your third-eye and the window to your imagination and INHALE I Am, EXHALE Muse. Rinse, Breathe, Repeat (no matter where you may be).

Laughing is Contagious, it Starts with You.
With Prem, Parvati

_ _ _

Here’s an enlightening talk on creativity and how to nurture it – given by one of my muse’s

– Elizabeth Gilbert

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