Why AshramChic

The concept for AshramChic came to Veronica Ruelas, founder, during an intense meditation course in India 3 years ago. The Mission: to aid us city dwellers with our stressful lives; Whether it be due to work, out of work, family and social demands… just life. Most people have very little time, knowledge, and/or energy on how to carve out that mental space for their own personal “how to be happier and more peaceful” practice.

That’s where we come in…

AshramChic provides the vehicle in how one can achieve and maintain this calming and personal space while living in an urban setting.  Through our educational website, our fashionably energizing mala jewelry, inspiring chic yoga clothes and accessories: one can learn and cultivate simple techniques on how to be less reactive and more introspective while laughing along the way.

You ask… Why?

We are dedicated to making your yoga lifestyle, well… Stylish!  Not to mention sophisticated, chic, and with a concentration on education.  AshramChic isn’t about being the diva, it’s about finding a balance between all the different facets of our lives. This is meant to be a fun and loving way to look at all that we encounter both on and off the yoga mat. And while looking good, inside and out, of course.

Here’s How:

We work to bridge the old with the new by developing innovative versions of classical timeless designs. Our carefully selected handmade products help in creating identity, independence, and self esteem for those who make them.  We honor and cherish what it means to be a yogi living in and out of the ashram. We are respectful of our teachers and are serious about our sadhana (spiritual practice).   We want you to be as well, and we want to help you look and feel fabulous while you’re doing it. …Now who wouldn’t want that?!

We know looks aren’t everything, which is why we got your enlightenment covered by sharing some of the things that inspired us on our own paths. Peek at our blog, videos, podcasts, suggested books and playlists.  We hope that they help inspire you to live your life to its highest potential. Also look into Third Eye Vision Org, honored on our website and an organization near and dear to AshramChic’s hearts.

Now Go On.                                                                                                                                    “Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue what you want” -Jim Rohn

Love Yourself. Inspire Others. Start the Trend.


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